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It’s all a plot, you see. It’s all connected. Central American violence, chemtrails, the Hindenburg, the Builderbergs, the Builderbearberkshops. First you convince little orphan children to get themselves smuggled into Texas, then you give them “benefits,” things like, I don’t know, not being fired out of a cannon, and then they all grow up to vote for Democrats. Key to this plan, mind you, the key for all of this to work and for the Democratic Caliphate of Texas ‘n Related Environs to rise, is the reliance on Republicans to continue to be horrible, horrible assholes toward all brown people everywhere. Luckily—and this is where the chemtrials come in—Obama seems to have that part well in hand.
America’s Dumbest Congressman says immigrants are Obama plot to take over Texas (via wilwheaton)
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